Savvy business owners understand the importance of presenting a good image to visitors and clients. Clients may need to use the toilets in your business premises, as will your staff, and it is important for your business to leave a good impression and to ensure they have a good experience. That’s why it is important to keep the toilets at your premises as clean as possible. If you want clean toilets at your commercial premises, call the experts. SGcleanXpert has the experience required to ensure that your commercial toilets are kept spic and span at all times.

Benefits Of getting goodhygiene expert to Clean Your residential / Commercial Toilets
  • Professional commercial toilet cleaning experts have the skills, tools and materials to leave your toilets much cleaner than a regular maid can. Plus, they have the workforce to ensure that this task is done quickly and efficiently.


  • We ensure that your employees and customers are happy to use the facilities once we have cleaned them, because we depend upon word of mouth advertising and therefore, we take our your commercial toilet cleaning seriously. We have worked hard to build a good reputation and we strive to keep this intact by offering the best service possible.


  • We guarantee cleanliness and hygiene as we use the best cleaning materials available. We ensure that the toilets and washing facilities are clean and sterilized to keep harmful germs away.


  • We provide fantastic rates for long-term clients. Because we use our own industrial-grade equipment and high-quality cleaning materials, you won’t have to carry any stock. This will save you money and storage space, and allows your workers to get on with the more pressing tasks of generating sales than cleaning the workplace toilets.


It makes good sense to hire SGcleanXpert’s janitorial toilet cleaning services to keep your commercial toilets pristine at all times.


We attend to all of the following when it comes to cleaning your toilets:
  • We wipe all the light fittings in the toilet cubicle.


  • We clean, shine and polish the taps, basins and showers in your school, hospital, hotel or other commercial premises.


  • We clean the mirrors, soap stands, hand dryers and windows in the bathroom.


  • We scrub the toilet walls and floors.


  • We have the necessary materials and tools to remove any stubborn stains and marks from the walls and mirrors.


  • We sanitize the entire toilet bowl, urinal and commode to ensure that they are clean, shiny and germ free.


Our thorough cleaning processes will remove all dirt, bacteria and uric acid build-up that commonly occur in toilets. We clean dirt hidden under the neglected rims and other hard-to-access areas of your toilets and bathrooms.


By cleaning the toilets regularly, your facilities will be free of that terrible odor that emanates from unsightly and unattended toilets.


We take pride in our work, since we thrive on word of mouth business. Based on the quality of our service and work quality, we are confident that you will be swift to recommend us to other businesses. Call us today to discuss your Residential / commercial toilet cleaning needs.


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